Group Gong Baths

group gong bath

Group gong baths. Many people find group sessions are beneficial. Groups provide an opportunity for people to come together, take time out from their stressful day, week or even month, to replenish, refresh, relax and let go. Bathing your whole being in the special sounds created during these sessions is a truly magical experience. An experience that does not only benefit your daily wellbeing but which, for some, can be utterly life changing. The soothing vibration of sound can affect brain chemistry and may also impact our physical, mental and emotional states by releasing feel good chemicals and weakening pain signals. Our heart rate and breathing are regulated and calmed by the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system allowing the sound to influence our entire being, deep down at the cellular level. Every cell of our body resonates positively with the sound, receiving and responding to the vibrational energy fields created through the extraordinary healing instruments used in these unique and transformative group sessions

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